World first! Momentary or here to stay?

I can’t believe I’m doing this.. My first blog post. Can I now consider myself a blogger? And does that even matter?

Back in February, after listening to his first appearance on the Tim Ferriss Show where he talks about why everyone should blog everyday, I was inspired. It wasn’t enough to get me going. My best friend Yanto gave it a go, but he gave up shortly after – it appears hard to sustain post after post! After listening to round two with Tim, I wanted more. So i ended up listening to both over again. This time around I felt the inspirational words of Seth Godin pulling me in. Especially when I heard this…

You can use fear as a compass…You can say ‘Why is this making me nervous? Maybe that nervousness is pointing me where I need to go. – Seth Godin

Where is the compass needle pointing? Towards these sporadically expressed thoughts that you’re reading.

Anyway, I won’t go gung-ho and then quit like I have a tendency to. Sorry Seth, I won’t be blogging every day. Let’s ease into it. The aim will be 3ish per full moon.

Blogger or not. All I want to do with this is share some of the silly things and concepts I observe, try, look up and experiment with. I am happy if a portion of you learn something or are even slightly amused.

I am extremely optimistic this won’t be a momentary thing. Second post should be out soon!

Check out my inspiration to embark on this blogging thing.



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