An Unknown Power of Family

Did you know that by contemplating your family ancestry you can become smarter?

Your intelligence significantly improves by taking a few minutes to think about your father, mother, grand father and mother, great grands and so on,

Supposedly, by getting in touch with your family tree, you tap into a sense of connection and belonging, which calms down your primitive brain so your thinking brain can get into a groove.power of ancestryHow’s that for a performance enhancing trick, instead of chugging another cup of coffee, reaching for nootropic drugs, or stressing out in the minutes before you need to perform.

So before your next work review or interview, before your university exam, before your driver’s test or before writing something like this blog post (I should take my own advice! I need every single boost I can get) – think about your granny.

I read about this in a fabulous book called The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle. I’m about half way through the book and loving it. Highly recommend his earlier book The Talent Code as well!

How often do you think about your family? And how about your ancestry?


Why I (and you too?) love money!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t actually like money, I like what money can get me. You see, I’m inherently lazy so I’d prefer to just get it. Who likes trading their most precious gift for a paycheck anyway?

You have to work to get paid. That’s reality for 99% of people. A continuous money stream sounds like a combination of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. For 99% of people, ongoing income doesn’t really exist. It doesn’t register on their radar. I used to think that way, 100%.

You see, I’m like a hamster with money. I run on the hamster wheel (money in) and stuff my face with organic food (money out). Then you have guys like Tim Ferriss. He’s an author and he wrote The 4-Hour Workweek. More than anything, he’s a farmer.
money seed growing

He plants “asset seeds” that grow and now bring him ongoing income. A so called passive income. I didn’t know that was possible.

Tim sowed more than just “asset seeds’, he sowed a seed of inception in my mind. Now that is my dream and my purpose. I aspire to adopt his mindset. To become a special kind of farmer, with a special kind of stream…

I recommend Tim’s book, but if you find it a hard read, try Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been asking myself these questions…What is your dream? How do your goals look? What do you need financially to live your dream life? Have you thought of how to achieve it?

Wow do we believe a lot of crap or what?

The other day, one of my clients blurted out “belief is a thought that is repeated over and over” before continuing “which probably explains why we believe so much crap”.

Which made me think of the TV. Anyone out there grew up watching TV? Must be the number one belief changer of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s? shit brain

Things are different today. Facebook and other social media platforms have taken the iron throne.  If belief is a repeated thought, then these guys have been forming my way of thinking for years.

Garbage in, garbage out is a saying. “What goes in isn’t necessarily garbage” my mentor told me, “information in, information out” is more fitting he said.

Surely it pays off paying attention to where we pay our attention.

Now if you want to change your beliefs, how do you do it? Another thing I’ve been wondering is, how are beliefs different from values?

To be continued…

I Love This Saying About Us

“You are as old as your spine.” – Chinese proverb

If you are reading this, then by default you are spending most of your life in a technology-based society. There are obvious reasons this expression has survived and why it is particularly appropriate for us in the current zeitgeist.

Why is that so?

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