I Love This Saying About Us

“You are as old as your spine.” – Chinese proverb

If you are reading this, then by default you are spending most of your life in a technology-based society. There are obvious reasons this expression has survived and why it is particularly appropriate for us in the current zeitgeist.

Why is that so?

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A little delicious probiome-friendly snack for the weekend

Have you ever, out of the blue, had an urge to devour a particular kind of food? Something you haven’t had in a long time? Forget about fast food because, let’s be honest, we’ve all felt the big mac attraction.

But let me tell you, the oats attraction is real 😉

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Show and Tell: The Barista

Continuing from last week’s post: Love coffee? Encourge baristas to love and take care of their bodies!

From here on, as I start commenting on the photos of baristas tamping and pouring milk, this shouldn’t be taken as critique of the baristas as there is no questioning that most of them can push out sublime coffees! This is merely to give you examples of the bad, the ugly and some good techniques. On to business (of being a pretentious douche). Continue reading “Show and Tell: The Barista”

Love coffee? Encourage baristas to love and take care of their bodies.

As a true coffee lover and after living in Melbourne for a little over 3 months, I’ve been around to few trickles of coffee shops. Melbourne has a reputation when when it comes to this black gold (you should watch the movie). Myself I used to be a barista and I love watching them in action. I notice their habits, their way of doing things. How they brush of coffee grinds of the portafilter, what type of bean they use, how they tamp, how they greet customers, how they steam the milk, what kind of latte art they go with. Recently, I have noticed more. How Continue reading “Love coffee? Encourage baristas to love and take care of their bodies.”